Gravity Darkening (2013-current)

My current series of poems, Gravity Darkening, examines the mystifying relationship between the body and the mind, the physical world and the intangible words of the spirit, particularly when the alliance between these realms are severed by a sickness.  Gravity Darkening uses an experimental poetic structure to visually and conceptually interlink language and affliction. When one considers that the human body is composed of over thirty-trillion cells, and a poem can be made from a selection of approximately a quarter of a million English words, it only takes the smallest altercations of these microbes and syllables to shape creative expression, forging a syntax of the somatic and the soul.

Three poems from Gravity Darkening are available to read in Jubilat Poetry Journal, Issue 28.

Henhouse (2011-2013)

Part saddled by sky. How skies, how fences, cage a cage.
Gather trees and break down to them.
Whispering, forget to shade this henhouse…
—”Danger Makes Our Gardens”

“Overturn memory,” proclaims a line from Carand Burnet’s Henhouse. As with hens tilling soil in a garden, Burnet’s poems reveal and obscure a personal history. Each poem penetrates this history in a staccato pacing, drawing up facets which seem at once domestic and mythic. From these fragments Burnet hems together an altered language playfully and deftly, a language which tells us “nature fakes lawfulness,” and “Night would consume all day if it could.” — Phil Montenegro

Published by Projective Industries Press

27 pages; edition of 120 in Chicago, September 2013.
Covers letterpressed on a Sigwalt Ideal No. 5; salmon endpapers.
5 1/2 x 6 inches

*Available for purchase at Projective Industries Press*

Poems published online from Henhouse:


We Were Only Folklore

A Collaborative Chapbook

by Beathanie Beausoleil, Carand Burnet, & Ruth Lehrer

Published by Factory Hollow Press, 2012