Carand Burnet Guitar Ian DeCelli bass and Jake Remignanti drums Kioea Music
Ian DeCelli, Carand Burnet, and Jake Remignanti of Kioea by John Skewes.

Founded in 2019 by guitarist Carand Burnet, Kioea blends surf music with psychedelic and global inspirations. Kioea has performed at venues including the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH and on WMUR’s Summer Concert Series.

Named after a Hawaiian word that means “stand tall,” Kioea champions inclusiveness by its merging of different genres and having a female bandleader. A 2018 study by Fender shows that half of the new guitar purchases are by women who are “aspirational players,” yet the professional industry remains male-dominated. In the 2019 Billboard 100, only 23% of musicians were women and 2% were female producers. Burnet aims to be a role model for young women and nonbinary musicians seeking out leadership roles in music-making.

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