Carand Burnet Kioea Angel Lake by John Skewes
Photo © John Skewes

Carand Burnet is a musician and artist.  She is the guitarist and bandleader of Kioea.  Founded in 2019, Kioea blends surf music with psychedelic and global inspirations and is named after a Hawaiian word that means “Stand Tall.” Burnet is known for her performances that feature energetic, complex guitar solos.  She has played at venues including The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH and was featured on WMUR’s Summer Concert Series.

Burnet also performs solo under the alias Angel Lake and uses the guitar, sitar, and keyboard to compose songs reminiscent of indie, surf, and ambient music.  She is an interdisciplinary artist, sews vintage inspired clothing, and helps run an educational art program called BIG INK.

Upcoming Shows

2/3/22 Surf, Spy & Psychedelic Guitar Summit, The Burren, Somerville, MA


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